As I sit down to type these words, I’m reminded that this is not just an article but a glimpse into the pages of my journal – a record of my thoughts on this particular day.

In the quiet moments when I’m alone, my thoughts seem to find a gentle rhythm, like a soothing melody meant just for me. Today, I felt compelled to explore the beauty of choosing to be a bit “unsocial,” a theme that resonates deeply with my reflections on this moment in time.

Finding Your Place in Quiet Moments:

In the rush of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to listen to our own important voice – the one that knows us best. Amid all the noise from the world outside, spending time alone becomes like a safe space. It’s in this quietness that we can discover what really matters to us, our dreams, and the things we hold dear.

Take Time to Tune into Yourself:

Listening to our own thoughts isn’t a way of shutting out the world; it’s a way of appreciating ourselves more. As we find these moments of calm, we start to understand ourselves better, exploring parts of who we are that we might miss in the noise of everyday life.

Saying "No" to Stay True to Yourself:

In a society that champions the notion of saying “yes” to every opportunity, there is a profound strength in the graceful art of saying “no.” It’s not about rejecting experiences or isolating ourselves; rather, it’s a conscious decision to stay true to the compass of our authentic selves.

Deciding to be a bit “unsocial” involves a mindful consideration of how we allocate our most precious resource – time. It’s an acknowledgment that our time is valuable and should be spent on endeavors that align with our values, aspirations, and well-being. That said, by saying “no” to commitments that don’t resonate with our authentic selves, we are actively participating in the sculpting of our narrative. We become the authors of our own stories, choosing plotlines that resonate with our deepest desires and convictions.


It’s intriguing to observe that many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have a unique appreciation for moments of quietness and solitude. Contrary to the busy image often linked with success, these people grasp the magic moments of stillness. They value listening to their instincts, which often speak in the whispers of quiet moments. 

This is why you’ll often find them nurturing hobbies or practices like meditation, hiking or diving. Activities like these allow them to have a space of quietness – allow ideas to flow, find the clarity needed to make crucial decisions, and let the busy world fades away. 

While they savour the richness of their inner thoughts, they also skilfully navigate the external world, building connections that align with their values and aspirations. And perhaps, this is a key element contributing to their life’s success.

Closing Thoughts...

These words serve as a personal reminder for myself and hopefully, for you too. It’s a small part of my story made up of feelings, reflections, and discoveries. I hope this sharing not only makes sense to you, but also encourages you to enjoy your own moments of quiet and self-discovery right here on this platform.

Until next time! XOXO

Yours Truly, Bella Chee.


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