ACNE ALERT: Steer Clear of these 5 FOODS



Don’t act(be) surprise please! Everyone knows – you and me (too) cannot resist the temptations of indulging in guilty meals, savouring every bites of delicious decadence. However, without moderation and self-control, guilty pleasures may oftentimes brings more harms to our skin and body. 

Here are the categories of food It’s pieority disapprove if you are looking to keep a flawless, acne-free skin:-

I. Refined Grains

 They are grains that undergone refining process where the bran and germ layers are removed – stripping along their valuable nutrients and dietary fibre. Although they fuel the body with energy, refined grains are less nutritious compared to their whole grain counterparts. 

To reduce & avoid
White bread, rice and pasta, breakfast cereals and baked goods – such as pastries, cookies and cakes *teary emoji* 

II. Sugar

 Sparkly crystal granules – made up of simple carbohydrates that makes you go ‘Mmmm’ with a boost of energy.  

To reduce & avoid
White, brown and icing sugars, all sweetener (maple, caramel and pancake syrup) and high fructose corn syrups (HFCS) which is found in processed food and beverages

III. Dairy Products

 Food that are derived from milk of mammals – primarily cows, but also from goats and sheep.  These creamy ‘goodness’ *eh hem* provides us with calcium for strong bones, protein for muscles, and essential vitamins for our overall health.

To reduce & avoid
Skim milk, cheese, yogurt and whey protein 

IV. Fast Food

A type of food which are remarkably convenient and unbelievably tasty at times. Usually processed food, they are high in calories, loaded with unhealthy fats, sodium and added sugars.

To reduce & avoid
Burgers, pizza, French fries, hot dogs, and everything from the fast food chain restaurants

V. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a delightful cocoa treats which bring joy to your tastebud and happiness to your hearts, but not to your skin 🙁 

To reduce & avoid
White, Milk and Sweetened Chocolate 


 What do all these food share in common that triggers acne breakouts for most of us?

High Glycemic Index (GI) Food Exacerbate Acne Breakout

 High GI refers to how quickly digested and absorbed carbohydrates in food raises your blood sugar level. 

Refined grains, sugar, dairy products, fast food and chocolates cause rapid spike in your blood sugar level. It triggers an insulin response – (FYI Insulin is a hormone to regular your sugar level) but alongside, stimulate another production of hormone called Androgens. 

As a collateral, Androgen, which is a male sex hormone – stimulate your skin sebaceous glands to increase your sebum production, leading to clogged pores and ultimately acne formation. 

They Impact Your Gut Health

Our gut houses trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that make up our gut microbiota – in a healthy state, they aids our digestion, supporting our immune system and producing essential nutrient.


These food promote harmful bacteria in the gut and dominate the gut microbiota by crowding out the beneficial bacteria. This imbalance in the natural community of microorganisms is a condition known as dysbiosis. 

Dysbiosis contributes to acne development when more and more pathogenic bacteria produce toxins that inflame our skin and lead to acne development. 

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Our gut acts as a protective fortress keeping away harmful invaders from our body but allowing essential nutrients to pass. Leaky Gut happens when there is a breach in the intestinal wall when bacteria, toxins, and undigested food particles pass through the intestine lining and enter our bloodstream.

These food especially dairy, processed food, and sugar impair our gut barriers, increasing the permeability of the gut lining. This promotes systemic inflammation on our skin when sebum production increases, leading to acne growth. 

It’s pieority would like to remind our dear readers out there – What we eat directly affects our body’s internal balance, such as our hormone levels, inflammation and gut health. All of this contributes to development of acne on our skin. By controlling our food choices and be mindful of what we feed our body, we are empowering ourselves to promote clear and radiant skin from the inside out. *kisses* 

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