Probiotics: Your Gut’s SUPERHERO!



Have you ever come across the word ‘Probiotics’ numerous time, yet stumbled to understand what it really is, what it does in our body, and where does it come from?
Stop scratching your head! Let’s skip the all-so-fancy medical terminology and allow us to tell you a simple yet heroic story of the small, courageous probiotic inside our body.

*curtain open*

Our story begins in the bustling city of GutVille, where all our digestive adventures begin.

GutVille is inhabited with trillions of tiny residents called bacteria, each of them plays its role in keeping the balance – just like good neighbours.

Then, there also lived a group of strong bacteria, which possess special abilities called the probiotics. Probiotic Superheroes, so they were called – have special powers and the responsibilities to help keep GutVille (your gut) healthy and happy.

Everyday relentlessly – Probiotic Superheroes happily clean up the neighbourhood, by breaking down food, transforming it into energy and vitamins, and support the host’s immune function (yes, you!). Occasionally, they also help fight off the unwelcome bad guys ~ those harmful bacteria that causes trouble in GutVille. Their vital roles in the community make sure various aspects of host’s health keep in check.

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbow in GutVille. Dark clouds and terrifying storms formed as a result of the host’s poor diet, stress level and certain medication. This has led to a catastrophe, altering the balance in the neighbourhood. Sadly, Probiotic Superheroes lost their power and gradually vanished from the surface. Left unprotected, the city become messy and chaotic. Bad guys returned and roamed the neighbourhoods, hurting other residents and inflicting damage to our once peaceful GutVille.

But don’t worry – This is not the end yet!


One day, a ball of shimmering light gracefully descend from the above, casting a radiant glow over GutVille. As its’ luminous orb soften, emerged a reinforcement of fresh Probiotic Superheroes – These mighty heroes waste no time in cleaning up the city and kicking the bad guys a**.

In a glimpse, the peace in GutVille has been restored and the residents are happy once agin. They are extremely grateful to the host, as it was the host who heard their cries and sent the Probiotic reinforcements.

Our host was wise enough to seek the advice of a dietician to select the most suitable probiotic source and dosage to save GutVille. A careful selection of probiotic-rich food, drinks and supplements were specifically recommended so that the residents of GutVille will no longer experience another D-Day.

So this ends the story – passed from oh-wise-one (dieticians) to remind all host in the universe, you and me – the important of caring for those little bacteria in our digestive tract.

Next time when you hear about probiotics, remember GutVille and its friendly superheroes. They work (really, really) hard to keep your gut healthy and ensure that your digestive system stays in tip-top shape!

Never forget, healthy gut is a happy gut, and a happy gut leads to a happy you!

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