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In the world of beauty and wellness, the quest for that flawless-looking skin has become an enduring desire shared by many – both women and men. We couldn’t help but adore our iconic Barbie, Margot Robbie for her seemingly perfect complexion that exudes radiance, smoothness and an ethereal glow. 

Do you know that Margot Robbie’s beauty goes beyond surface-level perfection? The secrets lie within the inside-out health routine that originates from the gut. Oh yes – you heard that right!  

In sync with It’s Pieority fundamental pursuit of health, understanding the connection between gut health and beauty is an essential step toward achieving that coveted glow.

From Hollywood to your home, let’s unravel Margot Robbie’s secrets to her Barbie glow complexion!

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Unlocking Margot Robbie’s Gut Friendly Diet

Robbie’s skin health specialist, Jasmina Vico has helped her to achieve the flawless, glowing skin result for the Barbie movie’s desired look –  which was essentially perfection. Vico’s famous treatment is an inside-out approach to skincare, where she emphasizes the gut-skin axis. 

According to Vico, Robbie has been eating probiotics and anti-inflammatory supplements. To improve the balance of gut bacteria, Robbie frequently takes fermented food like sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir – which are rich in probiotics and also all kinds of bitter foods and berries. 

Let’s face it! Bitter food was never everyone’s favourite – But bear the suffering darlings, because that bitterness prevents inflammations. <Teary emojis> 

Except for the higher price tag in Malaysia, berries (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, etc) are rich in antioxidants. No kidding! The antioxidants in these berries promote healthy cell functions and protect against inflammation. 

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To learn more about natural probiotics, head over to our article: Must Know: Probiotic Sources You Might Have Missed. 

Her Beauty Elixir to Glowing Skin: Milk Thistle Tea Detoxify Magic

Robbie and the other Barbie casts drink organic milk thistle tea. Vico explained in her interview, “It heals with flushing the liver which makes the skin better because it produces more glutathione which helps with luminous its and brightness”.   

This herbal infusion is renowned for its liver-cleansing properties, supporting the body’s natural detoxification process and promoting liver health. The tea aid in improving digestion by soothing the gut and easing digestive discomfort. 

Milk thistle tea is also known to possess powerful antioxidant properties that help protect the body from harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. 

Photo Credit @margotteliserobbie

Margot Robbie Tackles on Stress Level with Style

We all know that overstress is bad news for our gut and skin. Stress leads to various gastrointestinal issues such as gut mobility, leaky gut syndromes and inflammation of our skin – especially acne and redness.

In parts of her treatments, Vico had Robbie practice meditation and breathing; the Wim Hof Method (combination of breath work and therapy). During these treatments, she placed a device on Robbie’s chest with uses sonic resonance treatment to calm the body’s nervous system. Fancy! <3 

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Embrace Beauty Wellness Through Detoxification

Robbie has been known to love a good lymphatic drainage massage. She particularly loves getting the massage before her big event to help de-puff her face and body.  

These types of gentle, rhythmic massages encourage the natural flow of lymphatic fluid, clear blockages, support the body’s immune and promote detoxification. 

What are the Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage? 

  • Flush out toxins and built-up waste in the body 
  • Help to ease water retention and puffiness 
  • Releases air and gases from the body (reduces bloating)
  • Glowing skin
  • Easy digestion
  • Improved immunity
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Before we part ways, remember that a celebrity wellness routine is likely very different from most of ours. Knowing the fact that they have money and resources to make their healthy lifestyle seems easier (but it’s not!). Our wellness routine is different as everyone’s bodies are different too. 

Take away anything of your interest which is inspiring and leave what isn’t. However, if you have any health conditions or complications, it is always best to seek consultation from medical experts for your personalised guide and diet recommendations before starting a new dietary routine. 

*Source of this article is taken from Vogue British Interview.  

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